Water Damage Emergency Clean Up

Whatever the cause – a burst pipe, washing machine overflow or a heavy rainstorm – water damaged carpet is a risk that should not be taken lightly. To save your carpet in the case of a major water event, you need to act quickly with the help of our trained professionals to prevent serious damage. You’d be surprised how often we can restore carpet to its original condition following even major water damage.

We come to your home or business as soon as possible and begin extracting freestanding water right away from the carpet, underlay and hard surfaces. Once the water is under control, we’ll use special equipment to accelerate the drying process to protect your carpet against the growth of mould or the setting in of “wet carpet” smells that can be so difficult to get rid of.

If you find yourself with a water disaster that risks ruining your valuable carpets, don’t try to deal with it alone. You have a much better chance of preserving the carpet with the help of our experienced technicians and sophisticated equipment designed to minimise or eliminate water damaged carpet altogether.