Carpets and Rugs

People often ask about the difference between having your carpets professionally cleaned or renting a machine and doing it themselves. The truth is there isn’t just one difference; there are several – and they all point to hiring a quality carpet cleaning company like ours if you want to get the job done right.

For one, our professional grade equipment and skilled technicians simply produce better results without risk of damaging your carpet or rugs from any residual moisture that can cause mould or malodour. Meanwhile, we have the expertise to know about different carpet types and their unique cleaning requirements.

Maybe you think hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is too costly compared to doing it yourself. That’s why we recommend calling us for a free estimate – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable professional carpet cleaning can be, not to mention the time and hassle you’ll save. Best of all, when you witness the results, you’ll see that our work is well worth the modest investment.